Dec 1, 2013


my scariest dreams
used to be
of gravity
releasing me,

I had worries
floating above everyone
as yet unaware
I was there:
any moment
they might see me
and, beneath my skirt,
my white panties.

I dare not move too much
to cover my undies
for fear of causing gravity
to kick back in 

(if it did,
I'd plummet down
amidst adults
and "make a scene.")

my parents with them
 would expect me  
to explain how I made
THEIR gravity
behave this way.

after all, when expectations
are not met,  solidified citizens
are owed an explanation
and, who's nearest 
their confusion
(their worst possible condition)
needs to come up with one.

I was a kid,
yet it was me, there
to question, damn
 and then?
burn me as a witch
 I feared.

I'm thankful 
gravity never betrayed me
and that didn't happen
back then.