Dec 1, 2013

Gravity, Part II

last night my dream
was exclusively
about falling,

through an infinity
of objects and scenes,
 unknown faces,
vertices, places

ever faster
(I recalled
 32 feet per second per second -
a mystery remaining
from grade school)

the inevitability
of colliding
with the earth -
that gravity,
perhaps lovingly,
was innocent
of killing me.

I tried to see how far I was
from my destination
but the speed and pain
of descent
blinded me

I woke up
still expecting
to collide once more
with all that is

to know again
 that everything hurts
when you're living -
that death is preferable 
to endless dying.

Creation Of Organic Gravity Waves - Chem-trails Is Creating Gravity
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unsure Creation Of Organic Gravity Waves - Chem-trails Is Creating Gravity
I uncovered these studies from 2001...
Creating gravity through Ice Neucleation In The Atmosphere...
Using areosols...

This paper reports on a series of simulations of a single isolated gravity-wave cloud measured during the Interaction of Aerosol and Cold Clouds campaign. Using a parcel model with explicit liquid- and ice-phase microphysics, a number of different heterogeneous nucleation modes have been tested. It has been impossible for
the model to reproduce, using any of the usual nucleation modes, both the observed peak ice number concentration and the ice water content, while not affecting the liquid-water part of the cloud. The key to simulating both of these simultaneously appears to lie in most ice nucleation occurring very rapidly at a critical time coincident with evaporation of the liquid droplets in the downdraught of the lee wave
**"Who Knew"said the poet after she wrote it
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