Dec 9, 2013

Unimaginably Dirty War (done in our U.S. name)

Jeremy Scahill
Jeremy Scahill (Photo credit:

Jeremy Scahill,  wrote a story
made a film
about just one tiny raid
that killed
 very few innocents
compared to many made
in the night against
the people of Afghanistan

It's called simply "Dirty Wars"
about the Devil Himself
whom the writer followed
long and far and
it led back into Hell.

Another tale of what's become
its own nightmarish genre'
of people gathered, celebrating
a family occasion;
decimated suddenly
without a record
or a reason.

The death squad's*
headed by a guy
whose named McCraven
(the Devils "heir apparent"
appropriate designation.)

There's a "Devil in the details"
so horrific and so craven
one aspect of one incident 
is an awful "tell" of many.

Those applying Evil 
are clear about its nature
and move swiftly 
to kill and cover up
in a single gesture.

 They may take their victims bodies
or kidnap the living;
two of the dying women
begged to be spared
hospital treatment
for they knew, as must many
even the lead that killed them
would be removed from their bodies
with the knives of these hunters
 known to dress their kills.

(Joint Special Operations Command - JSOP)

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