Nov 22, 2013

The Fog of Traitors

Sunday, November 3, 2013


English: Robert McNamara 日本語: ロバート・マクナマラRobert McNamara 
had grown old
when he spoke
openly, on camera
of what he'd done
 to the future
by making war
 on Vietnam:

"We were Wrong," he said
and the war-monger wept

There's another "Fog of War" film -
 recollections of Hank Paulson;
how he covered Wall Street's losses
and lots of bankers asses
with the peoples money.

Henry Paulson, Secretary of the Treasury of th...
Will Paulson too, when he's decrepit,
maintain pride in his accomplishment?
He sneaked out of government,
 left Geitner as a hostage
with Obama, holding the garbage.

Or will he too lose his cool,
his dapper, brilliant song,
and. weeping, admit that choosing
the Banks over the people
was Wrong

no telling where the money went
no telling where the money went (Photo credit: Adam_T4)

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