May 8, 2013

After the Apple

Messiah (video game)

the great modern messiah
his skin so deep and clear, for you,
your flesh-blessed image mirrored 
from both within him, through you

 blue eyes -the power kind-
 with Google's new pierced technicals;
 at rest, his smile was Mona's
 before his portrait replaced hers

gusting upward soundlessly  
he assumes the "hero-rising" stance;
we fear he'll absorb our future air  
when he arrives, take it for himself;

we humans have grown wiser
since that first holy messiah,
have a plan should he dare 
aggress upon our
planetarian-entitled air
MONA - Museum of Old and New Art -Entrance (Ho...

"he'll never rise again," 
we say then.
(we always keep a spare one)

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