Apr 17, 2013

How Christians Talk

Sylvain Engelhard, Marie Laureau et Christian ...
Sylvain Engelhard, Marie Laureau et Christian Lecerf (Photo credit: zigazou76)


Desperate Christians A,) B) and C)

A:  You know I've noticed lately 
that red trucks are blue.

B:  Funny you should say that
because I've thought so too.

C:  Now that you mention it,
golly, that's really true.

A:  I thought I'd bring it up
since I mentioned it to  "you-know-who."

B:  NO!  I can't believe that they'd agree with you...Oh!
I mean just the bit about red trucks being blue!

C:  Well, that's how they always are
when they hear something from you.

B:  Even something that's as shocking
as red trucks being blue?

C:  Yes, not so  "all about me" point-of-view
when heard from A re:  red and blue.

A:  I'm so glad we all could meet and chew
the same fat we always do -
'til next time, remember,
I just love, love, love the both of you!
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