Apr 23, 2013

Healing from The Fall

This is a deep time rather than a wide one.
    A mystery unfolding, a revolution, rebirth, discovery, quest, expedition. 
             Ride this wave of warmth I'm beaming through my will at you, to you, into you,
                 surrounding lifting floating you,               
                      resting relieving reviving you,
                           without visible movement
                              with the iron of your blood drawn by earth's magnetic mantle into
                                    tsunamis of refreshment, rejuvenation, re-entry, renewed, re-you'd,
                                          a weightless thrill just passin' through
                                               a renegade blessing dressed in pain
                                                   and you'll never be the same
                                                       even more than you weren't before

No need to push, nothing to go forward,
   rather to fall, keeping your seat like the steady monk awaits fates,
      freed by pain and fear to the taste of scent, sight of sound, listen to visions
        enter your open heart, accepting, welcoming, hosting
            the familiar, the newcomer, the powerful, the good,
                the wanderer who isn't lost

Huge flakes of crackling future settle around you
   their gentle structure accumulates
      contains, is shaped by, you witness
         the past is here, and sin within displays
            dazzling truth anew,
               sweet shelter of "will be"
                  made of "being"
                      and of "has been"