Mar 5, 2013

Zelligg Comes Out

Privacy keyboard
Privacy keyboard (Photo credit: g4ll4is)

this is not an autobiography
and my characters have their own way
of seeing, feeling and what to say
in what is their biography

having fended off the endangering
of my personal privacy
I can proceed with revealing
the ways of the imaginary

imagine, then, how Zelligg felt
on the phone with the bank line
when she asked for a new account
(tho' she had one)
and was asked to recite
the number on her card
( Zelligg hoped for a fast connect
but was recognized)

protect one's privacy?
forget it!  It's all over.
or move through the world, silently,
eat and wear what you can beg,
hey!  you're queenly
in the world of recycling
and as long as you have no family,
no fame, invention or money,
no home or soul to sell profitably,
you ARE free,
like they said you'd be
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