Mar 13, 2013

Oppression Done Anonymously

English: Berlin Tempodrom in winter. Deutsch: ...

black, white 
and shades of gray,
no depth of field -
United Nature herself insists
 the cold and cruel must yield

 a cold as arrogant
as a conquering Roman;
a cold that freezes
 human pleas for reason;
a cold arresting those knowing
 truths of their malfeasance;
a cold, sadistic murderer
of humanitarians

a cold dry ice
that scars the flesh
but doesn't melt;
a cold of growing old in error,
 who wait for the oppressor
to evaporate

a cold that swells the ranks of
people who've lost everything;
a cold deadly, its victims grieved,
 who, if they could, would see
their banners hoisted high again
by the likes of you and me

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