Mar 5, 2013

Obama's Eyes

Zelligg saw Obama flummoxed 
after his first "security briefing"
before this first press conference:
(she looks at the looks
 in people's eyes, 
noticed his rare confusion)

He showed a different side
in an early interview when
 a pugnacious fly
annoyed both men
and was too swift to capture.
 Obama watched the failed efforts,
 then he watched the fly;
English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...
a little bit like this
suddenly, too fast to see,
he snatched it from the air

He looked up just for a moment
and she saw a portent;
his eyes were huge and focused,
a single, brittle black circumference
she'd never seen before -
and he quickly cast them to the floor
clearly it was "too soon"

Obama announced it was ok
for The President of the USA
to order killed USAmericans
in the USA -
with a weapon once called "Predator"
like his eyes, again today

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