Mar 9, 2013

I Invented Academic Freedom

Academic Freedom

~ the struggle ~
A sinister hypocrisy
warped my ability
to trust others being
motive free

~the orthodoxy~
My own blood's perfidy
placed my value in conformity
to authority, interdicting me
from forming an individual identity.

~the methodology~
 Parent-Teacher conferences -
 apply authoritarian principles
and reach consensus
re:   my offenses,
assign penitences,
define, extract repentance 
 with  consequences:
maintenance of
intellectual obsolescence.

~the anthem~
Sing along with me
the theme of adults
evading responsibility:

"She's not working up
to her ability!"

~the playing field~
Assignments were simplistic,
both the quick and slow to finish
drove teachers ballistic -
(more work for them, implicit.)

Teaching to the typical had obstacles
since only they were dedicatedly
the "average" intellectual
and believed equality
lies in uniformity
[slow kids were the rubble,
while fast kids made the trouble.]

(Under these circumstances
 I surmised:
a slower, duller presentation
of myself would be wise.)
                                                           ~the strategy~
Pinched facial expression
Submitting homework late,
inserting spelling errors,
copy, don't create,
write stories without metaphors,
display a careless attitude,
remember - questions are abhorred -
respond with their own platitudes -

~the application~
Using my "high ability"
against their specious certainty

 (while entertaining myself invisibly
with hands inside-my-desk doll country,
and maintaining an expression
of slavish interest in the lesson)
I went "underground" to safety

~the outcome~
by successfully side-stepping
their Armageddon, I'd invented
Academic Freedom

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