Mar 8, 2013

"I Called the Police but I Did Not Call the Deputy"

I called the police
and I called them on the landlord's man
I called the police
then I called the Federal Government
landlord kept lying to me
 jeopardizing my basic health

the police man he understood
my dilemma with the landlord
and stayed when I asked him to stay
when the landlord's man came back that day

that downpresser 's man was pounding on my door
and I refused to let him in
downpresser's  man was pounding on my door
and he had a camera
I called him what he was -
a lying motherfucker

the feds, they called the state government
the feds, they called state government
and state government, I also called them
"You working for the landlord?" is what I asked to him

the police, he told the landlord's man
my rights under the circumstance
and the landlord? she called me again
said she would work this out
if I don't file a complaint

that police, he was a fine young man
protecting me while he excused for them
but I got my way this time
and I'll demand safety from the government
should this ever happen again