Mar 4, 2013

Why it's Called "Breaking News"

don't tell me 
that all of us: 
ignore our own needs
for water, food and to breathe

  didn't do it right,
what we didn't fight
how much we'll suffer from our  plight
or that we ourselves, are a blight

quit the shock shots
I can't predict -
some of us are sensitive
if warned, we'd click
off more mongered-fear
just like "the bad guys" do all year 

stop blaming us for damage
as a lead-up to your pitch
for money, time or homage
to support a favorite fix

I'm sick of being guilty
and of being blamed
I'm a victim, not a vampire
but I'm feeling ashamed

hope fills up my heart
and I feel whole again
only to be broken
when the "breaking news"
comes in

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