Mar 8, 2013

Hey, Hey, Women Get a Day

English: U.S. Army Lt. Col. Pam Moody, 319th A...
English: U.S. Army Lt. Col. Pam Moody, 319th ADT, and a resident of Indianapolis, Ind., hands out pencils to Afghan women at the International Women's Day gathering held in Khowst City, Khowst Province, Afghanistan, March 8. International Women's Daily is an annual day observed in many nations around the world on March 8 each year. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

hey, that's super, can you relate?
March 8 is the date
of International Women's Day
I can hardly wait

see? women are moving up the chain
to join the ranks of all the days
already devoted to dead men
who made this world
what it is today

I guess if a woman is still required
to wear a tent so men's desire
is on HER sacrifice
having that Day out of 365
gives her ONE to feel alive
and get a free pencil
(hope she can write)

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