Jan 2, 2013

Susan B Anthony's "Rank and File"

Susan B. Anthony
Susan B. Anthony (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Susan B led women
into protest and confronting-
she knew some principles
of successful organizing

If she had been
 a haughty snob
or resentful of the richest,
she couldn't have created
 unity between the classes-
end a voting injustice. 

Yet she is quoted as having said
the words printed below;
assume she took a risk revealing
something all need to know:

"The rank and file
are not philosophers,
not educated to think
for themselves but simply
to accept,
whatever comes."

It's so easy to get angry
at those whose values vary
so widely and include
their reaction to oppression.

Workers see the educated
as preoccupied with theory;
 reaction? they want action
without knowing 
what they're doing.

Movements of defiance
to the unjust status quo
need an alliance
of the students
and the workers.

In the U.S. that rarely happens
due to a unified Ruling Class'
manipulative snobbery,
public education' robbery,
blatant misogamy,
"You'll get rich too
if you really try"

Despite clarity of that lie,
folks aren't moved to fight and die
solely for ideology
or for better stuff to buy.

When there's nothing left to lose,
no trade-off for abuse
rebellions flare anew;
resources gone in smokey war,
the rich are richer
and control
 more poor

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