Nov 20, 2012

Priceless vs Pricey

rainbows (Photo credit: amontei)


 imagine life a moebius play
that writes, rewrites itself
along the lines Time lays;
take the starring role -
 Being is Becoming
what I do throughout Today

 history's always longer
than are now or what will be
reality's ephemera
 morphing in between
a flow each knows as "me"


"imagine there's no countries
it's easy if you try"*
because they're artificial
imaginary lines

designating pots of gold
 concentrated with a few
 fierce enough to declare
they own all the Rainbows

how silly, who can own them
we say yet we behave
in rhythm with such myths,
as prices rise, we pay
for the water, air and space
that's ours anyway

(lyric by John Lennon)


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