Jul 22, 2012

Poverty's Shoes: Neighbors


A cozy myth that the poor have a kind of innocence, 
they share and care more for each other,
unburdened by the rat race,
than the "normal'" people

But, alas, no tribe forms,
 we don't know each other,
everyone's on the move;
  owe back rent,
 live with family
until you're "on your feet,"
father of the kids is coming back around
if he pays some rent, a better place can be found,
maybe your old job is hiring.

Leave behind what doesn't fit
 into the car tonight,
I'll buy you ten guitars
when this all works out.

ok, stop right here at your first opportunity
to exercise non-judgment;  whatever
you think about these choices,
doesn't matter, your opinion
will get in the way
of building allies

think:  "different"

We don't look for help
to move the fridge,
set up computer,
repair stuff,
treat a cut,
watch the kids.

Neighbors have bad backs a lot,
or life-long disabled,
have never touched a computer,
don't have glue, Bactine or copy paper,
when it breaks, toss it.

anyone may have
 some kind of scam running,
just don't ask, don't trust anybody.
If I don't "need to know" 
don't tell me..
we mind our own business here,
we're all treading water.