Jul 22, 2012

Poverty's Shoes Editorials, Introduction

 The Ubiquitous "Post Scripts" of Main Stream

Very unexpectedly

and completely clueless,
I moved into Poverty,
a parallel existence

(I'd been poor, before,
but I didn't know it;
too young for having more,
this idealistic graduate)

My travels here are easily
as amazing as I've seen;
no photos, that's not neighborly
to generations quarantined

Trained as an observer
to generate hypotheses,
now a fellow traveller,
I'm changed by this dis-ease

Dear Reader, be aware
but don't be dismayed;
history that's everywhere,
is avoidable today

We all need each other,
the poor and the becoming poor;
shame or blame?  don't bother,
making judgments is the trap- be more