Nov 3, 2016

The Borrowers

social habits of the poor
are different from mine and yours:
for example, when you lend
accept it's never yours again

perhaps because the poor adapt
to the complete lack
of controlling what comes in
by keeping everything
that falls within
their space, their reach, their in-

I don't believe it's conscious
or personal,
or obnoxious
but the automatic
urgency to return it
simply isn't built in

especially cash,
so rare, so precious
when bank accounts 
are too expensive
and cashing checks
needs transportation
and a presentation
-no Power Point
no printer, no online presence

collecting is like getting
a gun from Charleton Heston!

Oct 22, 2016

Heavyweight Champion of the World!


Winning a war is just like
winning a boxing championship:
in the big pix
makes no dif
who wears the "Belt."

They're merely "Next"
still "just a Temp"

Dec 15, 2013

The 1% Government

Government must have been
created by the Filthy Rich
as a fall guy or go-between
protecting them from 
the rest of us
When Corporations Rule the World
By way of proof
I suggest
to note those 
who oppose 
"Big Government"

(aka government support
 for such as public education
 of us who cannot pay tuition
  at private institutions)

Which Party creates the laws
which force high rates of taxes
on us while promising more jobs
or worse, what "trickles down"
on us, the piss-poor "wastrels" 

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